Sunday, March 04, 2007

So you think you can dance?

dancers in the dark
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One of the fun things about my year so far has been that I've been to see some of the most amazing shows and programs that I would never have previously considered.

Case in point, last night's performance of "I Want To Dance Better At Parties" performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) by an Australian dance troupe from Melbourne called Chunky Move.

I was fortunate enough to score some free tickets from the MCA so I took my two new boyfriends, Cory and Caskey (Lex's friends from home). Lex and two of her friends had bought tickets to another concert across town, so it was great to take the boys out. We glammed up a bit actually and the boys were the cutest in the room, bar none.

I was a little concerned that the show would be avant-garde and I would come away confused and regretting the experience. But oh man, I'm telling you, the group was super talented. Strong, long, and lean, and they worked together perfectly. The performers didn't speak at all; rather their show was set to all different types of music with voice-overs to move the plot along. We had 4th row tickets, so we could clearly see the expressions on their faces and the muscles in their amazing bodies.

But I was most impressed with the way that the performers worked so well together without even watching each other. They knew that each other would be doing and even when the songs had no words, just thumping bass, the dancers were so in synch that they could leap backwards into empty space and know that their fellow dancer would be there to catch them. I understand that this is the point and all, but it was the first time I'd been to see a modern dance performance like that, and I was just amazed.

To celebrate our cultural injection, I took the boys for cocktails at NoMi, the best cocktail bar in Chicago upstairs at the Park Hyatt. We finally got a stunning table by the window overlooking the Water Tower Building, and we just sat together and ate cashews and drank the most beautiful cosmobellinis you've ever seen.

We then grabbed a cab back to Lincoln Park and went into "Matilda's", home to the handsome bartender who got my business card and never called. Why is it that the ones you want to call are the ones that never do? Anyway, we met up with Lex and her friends there and when the girls expressed a desire to go eat somewhere, I grabbed a cab with Cory to Sidetracks so he could find a boy.

I was a terrible wingman of course, because I was perfectly content to hold up the bar while he worked the crowd. I was wearing my black sequinned halter top so I was christened "Liza" by the boys around me, which necessitated a few bars of "Cabaret" from all of us. Naturally.

And when Cory and I left the bar and crossed the street into "Roscoe's", we declared it was time for a 3am breakfast at IHOP and then home again.

Let me tell you, eggs, bacon, and rye toast never tasted so good. Oh what a night!

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batreg said...

Your whole weekend was about muscle and form wasn't it - you pervert!
I should have been invited ...