Thursday, March 15, 2007

It had to be you, Harry

Harry Connick Jr at the Johnny Mercer Theather, Savannah, Georgia Feb 27, 2007 (f)
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Seeing Harry Connick Jr in concert is an interesting experience. Interesting because you never really know what to expect from him. You hear his music, you see his movies, you watch him on "Will and Grace" but they're all such different characters, you never know what or who he will be on stage.

At The Chicago Theater tonight I got to find out. Me and Jenn had tickets that I got on advance sale (but were still in the back row somehow - need to work out how I screwed up there). Supported by his New Orleans band, Harry played amazingly well. My brain can't listen fast enough to his music so I can't begin to appreciate how fast his fingers were moving over those piano keys!

The man has talent, there's just no denying it. And my my, the ladies do love him. I admit to swooning a few times myself. When he did his booty jiggle across the stage, I may have even 'whooped' but I'm sure it was just because everyone else was doing it. Or perhaps it was the pitcher of margarita me and Jenn shared with dinner beforehand that did it.

Whatever it was, the show was great. I was just a little disappointed I guess that he didn't sing any of his big band stuff - because that's the material I know. But this wasn't that kind of show - this was his New Orleans fundraiser, honky-tonk, down-on-the-Bayou sorta stuff. I heard it, and it was gooooood.


dodgey said...

i also liked young harry when he was trying to murder sigourney weaver......he played a psycho quite well i thought.

thankfully sigourney survived, but unfortunately only to make some crap movies

batreg said...

Man, that movie freaked me out - who licks the blade of a knife.... freak