Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The icky love stuff

one hot sweet heart
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Okay this photo is doing some pretty weird things to me right now. A cup of coffee and a jam donut - hellooo? That sounds like a pretty Happy Valentine's to me. Dunkin' Donuts could learn a thing or two. Sigh, does it really just take that to make me happy? Yup, I guess so.

Chicago is too busy digging itself out of a snow storm today to worry too much about Valentine's Day, but I got to leave work early today so I have been trawling the web for the soppiest love poetry I can find. For my own amusement, naturally.

Valentines are stupid
Valentines are dumb
So why do we get so upset
When no one sends us one?

The whole 'icky love stuff' side of Valentine's makes me laugh. I love all the Hallmark cards and the teddy bears with kitschy ribbons around their necks and the endless bouquets of typical red roses. If any of those things came my way tomorrow, from Mr Right or Mr Not-So-Right, I'd be a happy girl.

But I'm more impressed by sentiment and, given that I'm a 21st Century modern woman, I was inspired by the following Valentine's poem (no doubt composed by a singleton - or maybe even a child, who's to say?)

I smiled, I winked
I've been quite a flirt
So I'm sending this Valentine
Cause you're not too alert.

Now, just who should I send it to? Wouldn't you all like to know hehe.

But I digress. May your Valentine's Day be a thumping success, with more bouquets than your vases can handle!


batreg said...

Happy Valentine Darl.

Hope you had enough vases for all the floo'ers!! xx

Gab said...

Nah, they're all bastards.

Mind you, we've had a terrible snow storm, so perhaps all the delivery men in the City who were SUPPOSED to come to me are either stuck in a snowdrift, or huddling together for warmth in a bus shelter somewhere.

Surely that would be it, right?

Anonymous said...

well, i guess all the men in your district would be huddling together...

Gab said...

hehe too true - huddled together looking fabulous. Bless 'em.

batreg said...

Decked out in floral tributes ...