Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Bold and the Ballsy

Sally Spectra - min nemesis
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I think it's important to fess up a guilty pleasure shared by all of us at work. Every lunch time we love to watch "The Bold And The Beautiful".

It works in well for us, cause we only get 30 minutes for work each day. And given that we're not allowed to close the Office, we might as well do something fun and silly while we can, right?

Today after our episode, we learned that our beloved Sally Spectra has passed away (in real life I mean), losing her battle with cancer. In a show like "The Bold and the Beautiful" where the characters recap after every commercial break, we'd been wondering where Sally had been. Only the other day we figured she'd burst onto the screen any minute, to mount a hostile takeover...or just to mount Eric Forrester.

I guess the writers were thinking of a way to resolve the Forrester/Spectra feud when they decided to merge the two companies. All through high school and University, Forrester Creations was always one step ahead of Spectra Fashions and then whammo, they decide to merge. Now that I think about it, was that because Sally's daughter married into the Forrester clan? Sigh, I remember Thorn and Macy's wedding episode...and then Macy went blind. I can't remember why, or whether she's even on the show anymore come to think of it. I think she went off to be a country singer.

In any case, the companies merged and Sally Spectra became a toothless tiger and that was sad. All the fight was taken out of her, but no one could wrestle the hairspray can from her clenched fist. That coiff was always a good 6 inches higher than anyone else's on-screen. And THAT my friends, is boardroom intimidation at its dirtiest. She was a class act.

And unlike a soap opera death, where you can always come back the following episode as your own evil twin, or even as yourself (assuming your death was just a hallucination or something), Ms Spectra will sadly not be returning.

So RIP Sally Spectra. We always enjoyed your screaming matches with Stephanie Forrester and you had more balls than all the Forrester boys put together, even though between them they have sired most of the current cast. I don't think even the writers can explain that one.


Jammin' Jemma said...

That whole entry cracked me up!
Well done Gab. :)

I could tell you all about Buffy and Sex and the City

glamah16 said...

Thats so sad. A few time a years I tune in and nothing seems to change. Brooke with Ridge, She's not with Ridge, Ridge is Brookes daughters brother, etc. But Sally Spectra. She was a riot. She will be missed.