Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The lion sleeps tonight - almost

Lion King
Originally uploaded by Awesome Photography.

There was just something about this feline's expression that amused me, as well as the fact that it captures exactly how I've been feeling the last two days. My alarm has been going off at 6.30am as it should, though I have been awake from about 5.30am, needing to pee. I don't get up to pee of course, cause it's too damn cold, so I just lie there in bed and try not to think about it.

When I finally DO get up, I have made it to work early each day, and I even remembered all my security passwords, logon codes, and everything! Of course I forgot to buy coffee for the percolator yesterday but I fixed that up today and all is well again. It has been really nice to catch up with work colleagues after the holiday break, and gratifying to return to familiar Chicago where nothing much has changed.

Last night I caught up with Jenn, my fellow Leo, who has outdone herself in my absence by starting her own one-woman law firm AND designing beautiful jewellery on the side. Who knew that she could achieve so much in 3 short weeks - she certainly sets the bar very high. In any case, Lex will design Jenn's jewellery website and online shopping gallery soon (and I will publish the link), and I have agreed to put my best PR skills into practice and shamelessly promote her to the print media in Chicago. Do I know how to do this? Not yet, but I have some ideas and apparently Jenn is happy with that. Bless her.

Tonight I'm off to see a brilliant play called "Doubt" that won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize. Lex's friend Val got us tickets (again) and I can't wait. The play has had rave reviews and while it's a little on the serious/heavy side, I am still keen to concentrate and give it my best attention. Review from Gab to come.


Jammin' Jemma said...

How much does Jenn charge for her jewellery Gab coz I'll buy some and you can send it back to me here in Kangaroo Land.

Will make for some nice presents - or I may just keep them myself...which is more than likely! :)

Gab said...

Not sure what her charges are, but the jewellery is beautiful and made of quality stones and crystals, so we're not talking cheap crap. She recently exhibited to a bunch of Bridezillas, so some of her pieces are fancy, and others are more casual. When the websites done, I'll send out the link. I agree, they will make great gifts (as I kick my PR skills up a notch)!