Wednesday, January 24, 2007

An evening at the "Pamper Palace"

Taking a Bath in Rose
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Around the corner from my apartment, there is an adorable hair and beauty salon that I have been going to for some time now. My hairdresser is a 25 year old African-American woman from Texas and she is feisty and fabulous.

Obviously I don't see her very often but when I do, I love it. I get a glass of red wine, I get to read all the trashy magazines I want, and I get about 15 different gay guys to talk with.

Tonight's discussion was about the Australia Day Ball coming up on Saturday and whether I should wear my 4" red peep-toe stilletos or opt for the more elegant (but conservative?) black jewelled slingbacks.

Of course my newest gay best friend D, while he slopped toner through my hair, gave his resounding vote for my red shoes. But I hit him with my 'yeah but what purse?" conundrum and again, he was full of good ideas. We talked about what accessories I already had, and the thumbs up was given to my sequinned rainbow purse. Figures.

So after one red wine and two trashy magazines, I had my outfit dilemma solved; AND a full understanding of how to tell a straight guy from a gay guy just by how he has a photo taken with you. [Apparently it all comes down to how he stands, how he puts his arms around you, and how he - ahem - cocks his head. Tell tale signs right there. Thanks, D.]

Well with all that in mind, I would say that I'm just about ready for Saturday night now, wouldn't you? I just need to work out why my Dove Self-Tanning Moisturiser (that's supposed to work gradually in 7 days) has turned my legs orange in less than 48 hours. Sigh.

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dodgey said...

so in the future any guys of interest have to pass the photo test??