Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just like Ocean's, only cooler

Smokin' Aces
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We hit the cinema tonight to see "Smokin' Aces", on yet another complimentary ticket courtesy of Lex's work.

I hadn't heard much about this movie, beyond the fact that its cast is a veritable who's who of my favourite flicks. Aside from the customary cameo by a musician/actor (in this case, Alicia Keys), even Aussie Joel Edgerton ("Secret Life of Us", anyone?) made an appearance. But the adorable Jeremy Piven, Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds, NZ's own Martin Henderson, Andy Garcia, and Ray Liotta are in the mix and everyone is really great.

The movie is rather like Ocean's 11 but with loads more blood and swearing, but the plot moves really fast and the ensemble is slick for sure.

There is a fair bit of talking in this movie and it involves the Mafia and a FBI sting operation in Lake Tahoe. But I actually followed along and didn't lose interest once. I cringed a little with the blood and guts but otherwise I made it through.

I also made it through some soft-shell tacos from Chipotle, but we're not allowed to tell Biggsy (aka The Diet Police) about those...do you think he'll let me off if I tell him that I didn't have popcorn at the movies? That's gotta count for something, right?


batreg said...

Normally no popcorn would count but you can't eat the stuff without adverse affects so staying away from it isn't as brave as you make out ... I wanna taco

Lexie said...

i cant believe you forgot jason bateman.