Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Deodorant is probably not THAT good

We all know that I have some pretty wiggy dreams from time to time, and last night's was no exception. This one involved my sister and me being imprisoned in a log cabin by some American Indian in full traditional dress, only sometimes he appeared in a Mexican bandit costume, complete with a menacing glare, unkempt moustache, and gun holster.

We were being held hostage for reasons unknown (though I suspect closely related to a ransom for our immeasurable wealth - hey, this was a dream remember). In any case, we had other inmates too from time to time, but mostly it was just me and Jammin' Jems in da house (literally).

Then Jems got the bright idea that to be rescued, all she had to do was write a letter to would-be rescuers. So she did - only she wrote it in Dove anti-perspirant deodorant, on the bathroom mirror. Pretty good penmanship given the tools, now that I think about it. And in the dream, all of this letter-writing made very good sense, because the letter informed our rescuers of our exact location, and they'd only see it when they stepped out of a steamy shower. Yes, in the very house in which we were imprisoned. I'm sure every SWAT team member pauses to perform his ablutions when rescuing damsels in distress. Was that really our tactic?

And before you ask, I had vegetable soup with pasta for dinner - and no alcohol. So you tell me where the wigginess comes from, cause I just don't get it.


Jammin' Jemma said...

Clearly this dream if flawed - I wear Nivea deodorant, not Dove.

Gab said...

Yes but I wear Dove. So perhaps you were pinching my stuff...again?!

CEO Dove Cosmetics said...

Dove flies above all others ....its the best.

glamah16 said...

Very odd. What type of veggies in the soup ?