Sunday, January 14, 2007

And THAT'S how it is, Seattle

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So when I moved to Chicago I embraced the rules of baseball and never really thought much about football. To this day I'm very sketchy on the rules of American Football and I think that shows. I mean, I still only applaud when everyone else applauds, and I think I give myself away every time that something fabulous happens I'm left looking rather stunned rather than excited that the Chicago Bears have done something fabulous.

And so today when we triumphed against the Seattle team and made one more step closer to this year's Superbowl, I should have been ecstatic I know. But I used this afternoon to get better acquainted with the rules of the game, so I could have more fun wiith our victory. It was great to win today and schmooze with the fun folk at "Pint" in Bucktown, especially the young guy who asked for my phone number (and hurrah I made up a cell phone number for the first time in my life!). It was such a fun afternoon, though I still can't work out why we did so many shots today - and I even remember buying a round of them...silly Gab.

Still, it was a wonderful occasion, and it's not always that the Bears will win so convincingly so no wonder we went alll out for the team today. I was also really pleased to meet Bork's friends and I had a great time. With any luck I'll be invited back soon enough...the buffalo wings alone are worth going back for!


kilabyte said...

C'arn the Green Bay Packers .... altho' the Cowboys Cheerleaders ain't half bad either .........

batreg said...

You just wanna wear the cheesy hat on on superbowl day! I can see Gab in a cheese wedge .. is that wrong?

kilabyte said...

No Reggie, but it does say something about your current state of mind .... you need a coffee and some good company.