Saturday, December 23, 2006

Two sisters and a small town

Gabs and Jems
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Here is a 'before' photo taken at our place as Jems and I headed out on the town with my cousins and Jems friends last night. We are all pleased to know that there were no 'after' photos taken (shudder)!

We headed out to an English-style pub downtown called "The Elephant & Wheelbarrow", which was a bit of a Saturday night haunt for us when I used to live here. It's comforting to know that the place is still trading and has not changed a bit. There is also something wonderful about the fact that the DJs and the bands still play ACDC and Kiss and The Choirboys ("Run To Paradise", anyone?). The air guitar championships raged on.

And of course there are the Adelaide boys - oh, how I have missed them. Jems and me were on fire last night. Consider the following evidence:

  • Our fellow air guitarists on the dance floor, only some of whom then took liberties to pinch our butts;
  • There was the boy who entered "Sugar" night club with his pants and belt undone, only to have Jems and me do them up for him on the club's stairs, just to make him more presentable (and we suspect he won't remember any of that today);
  • The guys who approached me on the dance floor and asked me if I was a Chicago Luvabull (the Bulls cheerleader!); and finally
  • The bald guy from Minnesota who followed me out of the bar as I was leaving and wanted my phone number.

Naturally I left the bar last night with the email address of the guy who thought I was a dead ringer for a Chicago Luvabull. I know, I'm such a sucker. I agree with Jems that he is a very cute guy, but his friend kept unashamedly groping my boobs. Classy, right?

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glamah16 said...

You can't shake the Midwest can you, Luvabull? :-)