Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Eating, drinking, and being merry

Yesterday was another sunny, dry day in Adelaide and I relished it. My first 'appointment' for the day was with my Granny and it was typically fun to visit with her. After she'd waxed lyrical about Government conspiracies about wire tapping and the sly ways that purse-snatchers rob you blind at supermarkets, we settled down to a yummy cup of tea and fistful of Aussie biscuits - blissful.

After that Dad & I went to a Christmas BBQ lunch at his old workplace. I used to work with one of the guys so I felt comfortable tagging along. It was a really lovely day in the backyard, enjoying the familiar smells and tastes of the Adelaide Central Market - fresh seafood, Aussie lamb, delicious dips & antipasto plates. The champagne flowed as readily as the conversation; it was all lovely.

Then Jems rocked up and we disappeared to the supermarket to get the last few supplies for the family dinner we were hosting. We flew around the aisles and I managed to source the last few things for the Shepherd's Pies I had agreed to prepare. Even though we were sliding the pies into the oven just as our guests arrived, we weren't too late. Everyone enjoyed more than enough food and being able to sit outside to eat was great fun. Afterwards we adjourned to the dining room to play "Scattergories" which quickly degenerated into a mud-slinging match with some very dodgy answers indeed, but it was a blast. After midnight, when only a handful of family members were left standing, we played a few rounds of A$$hole (a great card game that Kate taught us years ago) and then we surrendered.

I have woken up this morning to another busy day, but one I am really looking forward to. Today should give me plenty of opportunity to take some scenic shots of Adelaide, so I hope to post them shortly.

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glamah16 said...

Sounds like your having the best time.It's hard to imagine Christmas BBQ's!