Saturday, December 30, 2006

The calm before the storm

Lightning crashes
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Adelaide was pretty much a ghost town last night, comparatively speaking. It was a Saturday night and I took off with Jems, The G-Man, Kev, and Matty to the city for a night out. That was, of course, after I'd enjoyed a "nanna nap" to prepare!

Perhaps Adelaide was gearing up for a New Year's Eve bender tonight, or perhaps we were all still emotionally scarred from the lightning shows of the previous two nights. Either way, the pub we went to was all but deserted, and took a long time to fill up. When it did, it was fully of babies - very very young 20-somethings, which seemed to convince the DJ to abandon universally popular music in lieu of crap R&B that my body has trouble moving to.

In any case, by about 2.30am, I was ready for a yiros, a Diet Coke, and my bed. So that's what I got - and in that order too.

Tonight is the New Year's Eve party at our place, much to my Dad's chagrin. The family is turning up, as is nearly everyone that my sister has ever met in her life. With the G-Man's computer blasting out the great dance tunes, I get the distinct impression that the makeshift dancefloor in our living room will be the place to be as we farewell 2006.

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