Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pondering the night that was

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We had Irish car bombs in big glasses, and icy milky shots in small glasses. We had fish and chips with vinegar and fish wraps that allegedly tasted bad. But we also had so many laughs and I, for one, had an absolute blast at my own party - who knew it could happen?

I had my makeup done especially, only because I had never done it before and I thought it would freshen me up a bit after working all day and then being expected to party all night. I was super happy with my makeup job, and the impromptu hair straighten and spritz was an added bonus at the Aveda salon.

My friends mixed really well, better than I'd expected, and I was free to mingle around and try and explain the complicated ways that I know everyone. Every friendship has a story and it's hard to keep it all straight. By the end of the night though, NOTHING I was saying made sense, except to me. But no one minded partly because I think we were all fairly 'festive' by that stage (thanks Ivan the Irish Bartender, you're tops).

I would suggest that my popularity points went up a few notches when Luke, the Chicago Bulls player, came to my party. He's from Adelaide, and is 7ft tall. Needless to say I looked ridiculous even attempting to stand near him. So I made him sit on a barstool the whole time. One of the perks of my job is that we make it our business to get to know as many Aussies as we can, and it's just a treat when one of them happens to be as talented as Mr Chicago Bulls. It was neat.

The Saturday hangover was not so neat, as you would expect. But I will never again underestimate the restorative powers of Gatorade. It was probably invented by NASA or something. I loved my birthday, and I could even handle the headache after-effect. My friends rallied together to welcome my 29th year beautifully and while I'm not yet ready to turn another year older, I could certainly have another party like that one soon enough...

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batreg said...

So many things to be jealous of in not being there - Aveda salon, bevvies out the wazoo and Ivan the Irish bartender - I'm having a Norman moment with that one!
Glad you had a hoot and have welcomed 29 in style - we'll do 29& a quarter when you get here!