Wednesday, July 19, 2006

All you can do is make lemonade

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I found out today that "Petite Anglaise", a blog that I've been reading for over 18 months, got its author fired from her day job. Now of course she's turning right around and suing her employers, and has already been offered 2 book deals (to publish her blog, not to dish the dirt on her legal battles, though I suppose the two are now forever joined).

I am very careful when I blog about work. The only reason I detailed yesterday's blog with references to Mero and Biggsy is because they both complained that I never blog about them. If they hadn't have done that, there would rarely be a need to mention them by anything other than a fleeting reference. Quite aside from the inappropriateness of blogging about work, I don't ever need to. My life is full of enough 'bloggable' dramas and sagas that occur outside of the workplace to keep us entertained for a long while.

I do feel bad for Petite having to go through these legal wrangles, but I figure she'll emerge okay. Even if her professional reputation is in tatters, she can rest assured that her immediate future on the literary circuit is pretty sweet. After all, a scandal always helps book sales ("Da Vinci Code" and "A Million Little Pieces" anyone?).

Now if we could just get Petite Anglaise on Oprah's couch for a proper roasting, she'd be able to put all this silliness behind her.

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glamah16 said...

I just checked out her blog for the first time, like thousands of others today. I just hope that Mr. Frog doesn't come sniffing around again, now that's there potential $$$ to be made. Curious to see what becomes of her and the tadpole.