Thursday, June 29, 2006

When it's okay to eat vomit

Yes friends, I'm here to tell you that it's okay to eat vomit.  This is only as long as it is expelled exorcist-style from the chests of Blue Men.

Confused?  Well so were Kate and Shylee until last night, when I treated them to second-row tickets at the hilarious Blue Man show in Chicago.

I bought the tickets as soon as I knew the girls were definitely coming, because I suspected they'd enjoy the unique theatre experience.  And then, just for my own wicked amusement, I had been teasing Kate and Shylee since they arrived about the 'special surprise' I had planned for them.  Being the wily young rascals that they are, they kept trying to trick me into revealing my secret social plans.  Foolish girls.  Everyone knows that you've got to get up pretty early in the day to fool a ninja, and I kept them guessing right up until we walked up to the theatre.

Taking our seats in the second row of the industrial theatre, we were invited to don a plastic poncho.  Now doing this ahead of a theatre production would befuddle ANYONE, but the girls took it in their stride.  And I was grinning like The Cheshire Cat when The Blue Man Group took the stage and wowed the crowd with their various talents.  I could hear the girls laughing and carrying on as the three actors stuffed countless marshmallows in their mouths, blew paint all over a square canvas (declaring it 'art'), and splashed water on drums to create a colourful sound spectacular.

But the truly funny part of the show came when the boys ate a Twinkie and then 'vomited' out of a hole in their chests, covering the first three rows of the audience in sprays of MASHED BANANA.  Ewww it is revolting.  I'm sure most parents know what that feels like to have mashed banana pitched at them with full force, but it was a new experience for me and the girls.  We were picking globs of banana out of our eye sockets and off our forearms and jeans for the rest of the show.  But it was an utter blast and we all loved it.


Anonymous said...

sounds kinda fun


they wouldnt be doing the show here in Oz as bananas can be up to about $14 a kilo now, thanks to that cyclone in queensland not so long ago...

batreg said...

Makes us sounds a bit third world over in Austraya with us all bewildered about the wanton acts of banana distruction. Finacial assitance to purchase banana's accepted, smooshy brown been in the post 'nanas won't!

Jammin' Jemma said...

okay, that's fowl! Glad the girls enjoyed themselves and the Ninja could keep her secret....this time..... :p