Thursday, November 10, 2005


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's The Week That Was...

I have had to look at the calendar a few times today, barely able to accept that it is Thursday already. Where did my week go? I'm not sure if the 'time flies when you're having fun' cliche really applies when you're at work so I was having a think about what else I've done this week that might have sucked me into a space/time vortex black hole continuum thingy.

So I moved into a new apartment and painfully assembled one piece of furniture by myself.
I slept for 10 hours in one night.
I fixed a showerhead by myself.
I installed three shower curtains.
I did grocery shopping.
I saw a great movie at the cinema.
And in between all this, I worked.

Perhaps that IS a fairly full week, after all?

But this week I was also given an assignment: to find somewhere cool to have dinner this weekend. Crikey if there is anything that is going to apply pressure on a girl, it's finding a cool dining establishment to please 8 people of varying tastes and budgets. I've only been here a month! But I accessed a very helpful periodical called "Time Out Chicago" (they have them for the UK too I learned) and it has been fabulous. I have selected a place nearby my apartment called "The Outpost". It used to be owned by Aussies, but they sold it very recently and moved somewhere warmer. The restaurant boasts exposed brick walls, a tin ceiling, aviation memorabilia along the walls and (the best bit) an eclectic menu. The dishes that are featured in the "Time Out" magazine include wild boar (exciting) and puffy ravioli (normal). So surely that restaurant will offer something for all the fussy eaters. There has not yet been a consensus vote on my suggestion yet, but I hope there will be because, ever since I read about "The Outpost", I want to go there.

The rest of the weekend will be taken up with a haircut (necessary), and laundry (even more necessary). Neither of these things fill me with much excitement, but I'm looking forward to flirting with the staff at Caribou Coffee opposite the hairdressing salon after my appointment. Rare for the area I'm living in, the boys on staff there are actually straight and they can also make a very decent coffee. A stellar combination in any country really.

Well that's about it for this rant. Will write again after the weekend, with a comprehensive review of "The Outpost" (sorry, just trying to psych myself into going there). I think I may even try the wild boar, just for fun.

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