Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chow Chow

So I've been home for a week already and I am not really sure where the days have gone.  Jetlag certainly kicked my butt for the first few days, and being back in my own bed really helped knock me out.

Last night me & baby sister went to J&D's house for what proved to be an AMAZING home-cooked meal.  All three courses, and the sparkling and still wines that accompanied them, combined beautifully to make a truly delicious dinner across the board.  Entree was pan-seared scallops on a bed of fresh, crunchy asparagus with a drizzle of lime mayo on top.  Main course was pistachio-crusted rack of lamb with roasted potatoes and the best green beans I think I've ever had.  But the piece de resistance was clearly the dessert - a delicious Snickers treat, of a chewy and almost creamy meringue-like base, drizzled with vanilla, with chocolate ganache/mousse, home-made peanut caramel and a delicious piece of chocolate across the top.  Each layer was sweet, salty, and SO delicious.  I also thought it was inspired to have a D'Arenberg white sparkling dessert wine alongside.  I know the red Stump Jump well, but I'd never seen their sticky sparkling white before, much less tried it, and I thought it was great.  Not too bubbly, and not too sweet - it just complemented our meal beautifully.  Cue the crash-landing in bed and deep, undisturbed slumber.

Early this morning I went to a cafe at Mawson Lakes with J&G, where we met up with some friends for breakfast.  All it takes to make me happy these days is a full cafe breakfast of strong coffee, sourdough bread, crispy bacon and poached eggs, and I am totally content.  When did I get so easy to please?!  And more than that, how the hell did I fit all that in after last night's amazing spread?  Crikey. How lovely to just sit and relax with some good people, great food, and tasty coffee.  I held back and didn't lick my plate clean, but I was certainly tempted.

We called in afterwards and visited Granny, which was really nice.  Especially so as she had been out to purchase some sparkling wine for the occasion.   She chugged her glass back (so THAT'S where I get that from!), and declared it to her satisfaction.  And for once she didn't say I looked puffy, or that I needed to stop putting on weight.  It was a very lovely visit for sure.  Maybe we should encourage glasses of champagne for every meeting from now on?!

Whether it was the food, sparkling, or drizzly weather outside, by the time we left Granny's I was starting to fade.  But we had one more stop to make - this time to Bunnings.  Ahh the Australian hardware store.  Is there any place like it on a weekend?  And Bunnings is just crazy - rows upon rows of tools and lumber and paintbrushes and any manner of thing that you never knew you needed for DIY projects.  We found what we needed and I followed my nose to the Para Hills Netball Club sausage sizzle in the carpark.  Despite the sheer amount of gluttony I'd demonstrated in the past 24 hours, I still found room for a sausage and onions with Masterfoods sweet chillli sauce.  OH.  HELL. YEAH.

We're one year on from baby sister's wedding (already?!) and the bridal party is getting together tonight for an anniversary dinner.  Somehow I will find more room in my ever-expanding guts for tasty local food and wine.  Report to follow - about the food I mean, not my guts.  As you were.

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