Tuesday, May 29, 2012

That didn't take (or last) long

We celebrated Memorial Day in the US yesterday and it was really nice to get outdoors and enjoy it.  Or so I hear, anyway.  Yesterday's celebrations in the city were the culmination of Fleet Week, a seven-day stretch when young (and usually uniformed) men and women sight-see in the streets of New York, while ordinary citizens like you and me get to thank them for their service - or else just stare at them, depending on how you're feeling at the time.  I got winked at on Thursday, and that pretty much made my day.

Fleet Week celebrations came to an end on the other side of Manhattan from me yesterday with parades, boat cruises, US Coast Guard displays, and Air Force flyovers.  I, on the other hand, steered well clear of all this pageantry (but mostly just escaped the heat) by hiding out at the cinema.  Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" is exactly the sort of film we've come to expect from the legendary director.  Johnny Depp was typically madcap but to be honest, I spent most of the movie coveting Michelle Pfeiffer's jewelry.  I must have it.

The day before, after having my hair dyed a super-summery white-blonde hue, I stuffed in a delicious wood-oven pizza at Madison Square Park and then dragged my still-hungover ass into the cinema to see "Men in Black 3".  I can't comment on the storyline but I can assure you that casting Josh Brolin at a young Tommy Lee Jones (or as anything really) is just genius.  The suit, that drawl, it's just a lovely combination.

So with two weekend movies under my belt, you can imagine how much popcorn I devoured, ugh.    Today I start the short week with a renewed commitment to the eating regime I instituted prior to baby sister's wedding.  Gym - up.  Gluttony - down.  Fear not though, kids.  This time around I'm not going to be quite as hardcore (for instance I will allow myself coffee & booze, in moderate measure) but I've just consumed the world's most unimaginative home-made salad for lunch, and roasted chicken and an equally-unimaginative salad is on the dinner menu tonight.  Yawn.  I'm totally bored already.

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