Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brunch, Boxers and Baubles

I am so glad that J-Train keeps letting me drag him from one end of New York City to the other; I have had a wonderful time on his holiday!

Today we slept in, which was great, and I got to put my new snowboots on for an outdoor excursion to the crazy - but amazing - BB King's Blues Club & Grill, in Times Square. I know, I know, Times Square is usually the last place I voluntarily go. But what was I going to do? I wanted my chicken fried, my greens collard, and my mac cheesed. And I wanted my Sunday brunch served up with THE most amazing gospel music, courtesy of the Harlem Gospel Choir. Wrap your lobes around this for five minutes, if you please:

If you can keep still during that clip, you have no soul.

Even though we arrived right on time for the show, most of the seats were already taken up, but a lovely waitress seated the two of us in a booth ("normally reserved for 6 people", scolded the other [evil] waitress). We had the best seats in the house! I did my typical theatre-going thing, where I perch myself right on the edge of my seat. I couldn't help it - I was loving it! The energy - the applause - the music. It was amazing! And I enjoyed it all with my coffee, mac & cheese, bacon, and chicken (baked, not fried, but coated in the most amazing sauce mmm-mmm). I dragged J-Train to his feet a few times and made him clap along with the choir, but we both did a pretty terrible job of clapping off the beat.

The dragging theme continued after brunch, where I led J-Train to Jimmy's Corner, a bar recommended to me by my friend, Skilley. If I couldn't take J-Train to the boxing on Staten Island, I'd give him boxing in Manhattan. And for a bar that is normally packed with people, today it was like a ghost town. I put $5 in the jukebox and got to pick 15 songs to scare the crap out of the tiny crowd. I couldn't do too much damage though - the machine is full of Elvis, Beatles, BB King, The Platters - so much old school I almost cried. J-Train amused himself looking at all the boxing memorabilia and photos around the walls, courtesy of the owner (former boxer and now trainer, Jimmy Glenn).

Post-beers, we walked to the store that puts things in those little blue boxes (for a bit of a look-around at shiny and sparkly things), and then onto the store that packs things in those brown bags of all sizes. The skies got darker, the wind got colder, and we got psyched about some couch time at home.

Ordering some take-away, we kicked back and watched the NY Giants book a spot in the Superbowl on February 5. They beat the San Francisco 49ers and no, I had no idea what was going on during the game. Maybe this is my year to finally learn the rules. But hey, I loved the energy of the game, and the nail-biting overtime that ended in the win for the Giants. And some of the players were very cute. Who knew?!

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