Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making progress, one step at a time

Tonight was the first training session that we've had - ever - when it wasn't raining. An early Christmas miracle!

Perhaps it was the weather, perhaps it was just the planets finally lining up, but I made really good progress in the Park tonight. I joined my still-keen group of beginners on a quick warm up jog. Instantly I felt better than I did on Saturday. I settled into my groove and kept a steady pace. I chose not to chat to anyone around me tonight, cause I didn't want to burst the little bubble.

Back and forth we ran along the road; each circuit was 1/2 mile or so. There were times I wanted to stop and walk for a bit, take a bit of a break, but I didn't. I kept pushing myself. I didn't run quickly, but I pushed on.

Tonight's run was focusing on upper-body form, so the coaches were helping us improve our posture and our arm-swing as we moved. At one point, one of the coaches jogged up to me and started to chat. I had to respond. NUTS. So I gulped and gasped responses and tried to seem engaged. The coach told me I had an asymmetrical arm-swing. Dude, I thought, I can barely look at you right now...get lost! (huff!) (puff!). A bit of demonstration and I was soon swinging my arms symmetrically. Teacher's pet, all the way.

And after it was all over? I realised that I had run a little over 2 miles and I hadn't stopped once. This is progress, friends!

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Anonymous said...

By the time I get there it should be nothing for you to jog over to Brooklyn and get me some fries and chicken and then jog back with them. Oh, and I'll have a can of Pepsi to go with that too.