Monday, December 19, 2011

Give Cash, Get Pretty

I had a hair appointment on Saturday afternoon and felt instantly cheered. It's amazing what a pair of scissors and hydrogen peroxide can do to lift my spirits! Finding people you trust with your mane can be a real challenge in a new city but I've got this one in the bag.

The Ted Gibson salon in New York is a shout-out to modern glamour. In the shadow of New York's iconic Flatiron Building, the salon is a chic hive of activity and home to some talented and friendly people. Take my stylist, Gina for example - she's fabulous (or "fabaloose", as Crazy Granny likes to say).

But do you know what makes Gina EXTRA lovely? She has kindly donated a hair cut to my fundraising campaign for the Team In Training NYC half-marathon. So that means for every monetary donation I receive between now and Australia Day (26 January), my donors go into the running to win a free haircut by Gina. The winner will be chosen at random.

Naturally this prize will only work if you live in NY (or if you're visiting some time soon), but trust me that Gina is equally brilliant at styling men and women. She is so generous, plus she is now very much in demand thanks to her runway work and wedding & special events styling. Thank you, Gina - this is so kind of you! And thank you, Ted Gibson, for giving Gina the OK to donate her services to this important fundraising campaign.

To get yourself in the running for a primping & preening experience with Gina and the crew at Ted Gibson salon in NY, please dig deep and kick in some cash to my fundraising campaign. You'll find the donations page here.

And guess what? I ran 2.4 miles at the gym on Saturday without stopping once, so this half-marathon thing is totally happening. Eye of the tiger, no question.

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