Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day Six, A Christmas Fix

Christmas morning started with a sleep-in. Doesn't that sound fabulous already? Well to be honest, the day didn't end up any more stressful than that.

We all got up, had some coffee, swapped excellent gifts and generally just relaxed. I was very lucky this year - I got some great new bedroom sheet/quilt sets; some earrings; creative dice; groovy boot stockings; a couple of recipe books; some throw pillows; and a fun new Manhattan skyline sticky decal for my laptop.

Then I put on a lunch of roast pork loin & vegetables, with an apple crisp and ice cream for dessert. No muss, no fuss. A food coma swiftly ensued, punctuated only by loads of laundry. I wore my paper Christmas hat the whole day. Mum said I looked like the Statue of Liberty. I had to admit she was right.

A little after 6pm we all took a cab to The Australian pub, to meet up with K&N and watch a bit of the start of the Boxing Day Test, televised from Melbourne. I can't say I watched much of the cricket, but it was excellent to see K&N again on their latest visit to New York. Plus there isn't much stress that creeps in when you're holed up in a booth while the rest of the pub patrons have to jostle for bar service. Blissful! That said though, two Coopers Pales down (along with some sliders & a VERY intense chocolate brownie) and I was tired and needed to head home for pyjama time. What a day!

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