Saturday, December 03, 2011

Being a Locavore

I may be a couple of weeks late for the official Small Business Saturday, but this morning I decided to stage my own show of support for my local neighbourhood businesses. Prompted by laziness and an empty fridge, of course. But motivations are immaterial, surely?!

At the corner of 34th & 1st sits a new diner called Lucky's. I don't know if its named after a person or a dog or what, but I liked it. The online reviews are terrible, which I think is a shame. Still, if you look closely at the calibre of people writing them, you'll most likely do what I did and disregard them.

The diner is run by a Greek man and his family, so that already wins points in my book. I went there pretty close to lunch and a bunch of old Greek fellas wandered in not long after me, and the place just erupted. The owner, his wife and a bunch of the waiters all started babbling away in Greek and it was really nice.

I had bacon, fried potatoes, plus poached eggs on 'whiskey down'. Uh, that's rye toast for those of us with no idea about waitress diner vocabulary. Even the coffee was strong and not your usually (ie horrible) American diner coffee. Delish. Not the easiest dish to screw up, mind you, but it was just what I needed on this cold Saturday morning.

And the fact that all this costs less than 10 bucks and is half a block from my house? Amazing.

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