Saturday, November 12, 2011

Looking The Part

On this cool, crisp Saturday morning I set out for breakfast with K&N, who had come back to New York for a very brief visit.

Over waffles and coffee (for me, anyway) we chatted about a bunch of things, and conversation turned to the NYC Half-Marathon. N is an excellent runner and has done a bunch of endurance events already. K has been doing them too, especially lately, and the more they talked about the more convinced I got that I will be okay in March.

I was telling them how nervous I was about the pre-season training on Tuesday and how I was glad to be in that part of town, because I wanted to do a reccy mission and scope out Central Park to find exactly where I need to be on Tuesday night. Then we talked about what one wears when one runs in the cold weather. N told me all about the excellent running tights he has. $100+ a pair, but totally worth it. Compression tights that breathe but also hug your muscles and treat your legs right. I took mental notes.

After breakfast, K and I wandered around a bit, stopping into Tiffany's, The Apple Store, The Nike Store, Sak's and Rockefeller Centre (ARGH). The tree is being set up now and while there's not much to see, that doesn't stop the hundreds of tourists slowing down to get a good gawk. The ice skating rink is also chock-full already, but that does provide a bit of amusement. People falling down is always fun.

As I farewelled K&N for their long road trip back to Canada, I abandoned my Central Park plan (delayed until tomorrow) and instead I caught the subway to Union Square. I'd heard about Jack Rabbit, a great store to buy running, triathlon and yoga gear. I thought I would just have a look at the range of running tights and long-sleeved tops, all designed to "wick sweat away" (yep, scientific).

After a lap and a half of the place, I threw myself at the mercy of a sales lady and she helped me pick out a long-sleeved Nike top, a little hand-held drink bottle (with reflecto-strips), and some running tights. Um, the tights are very confronting. I tried them on in the change-room and they are like black Spanx; they suck you in and leave very little to the imagination. Sure, they contoured me, but I'm not sure I really want them to right now. Shudder.

Then I signed up to the shoe list and waited my turn until a fitting expert came to my aid. I explained what I had signed up to do and the sales man tried his best to care. I emphasised that I had very little interest in running this event (though I suspect the trainers & mentors might try and encourage me to). I told him I just wanted new sneakers that would be good all-terrain ones, and not leak, and not hurt my toes. I bought the first pair I tried on. Cha-ching!

Laden with my new athletic possessions, I walked home on the sunny side of the street.

Tomorrow I'm going back up to Central Park and find the training location for Tuesday. I refuse to start this new adventure by being "the Aussie girl who got lost". Then again, I don't want to be "the girl with astonishing tights" either, but I'm not sure I have much choice in that now.

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