Monday, November 14, 2011

And All That Jazz

I don't know whether the gin was cold or if the piano was hot, but tonight I went to a gorgeous little wine bar in the East Village called Cellar 58. I listened to some very cool, easy-listening jazz and stuffed my face with amazing pappardelle and Sangiovese. I am quite easy to please when it comes to these things in life - give me music, red wine and pasta and I will be a very happy girl.

In her naturally exuberant way, one of K's friends violated my no-touch policy several times. But she was a "hugger" and there's not much you can do when "huggers" move in on you. You just have to roll with it and I think I dealt with it all quite well (particularly for a Monday). This probably means that the Sangiovese - and even the jazz - were doing their jobs; I was in good spirits all round.

We were there to celebrate K's room mate's engagement - she and her betrothed got engaged in Central Park just yesterday. I was only in Central Park yesterday so I know first-hand what a beautiful day it was there. What a gorgeous day to have something so lovely happen to you. And in such an iconic location. Sigh. See! Even fusty old ladies like me can be happy for people sometimes. Again, I blame the red wine and the jazz for my marshmallow attitude. What a pushover!

I even violated my own no-touch policy and voluntarily hugged everyone goodbye. Invasion of the pod people. Apocalypse a-go-go! So now I'm on a pasta and red wine hiatus and I'm mentally prepping for my first day of training tomorrow night (eek!).

No more pasta and red wine for a little while, but I'd definitely go back to the gorgeous wine bar any time!

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