Sunday, October 16, 2011

Been Hoarsing Around

Once again I have been neglecting this blog but I've been holed up the last week or so with yucky laryngitis and generally feeling a bit flat. I also chose this time to lose my US healthcare cards, and my doctor won't see me without one. So I've had a great time self-medicating on over-the-counter meds to stave off any further germ infestations until my replacement cards arrive (they still haven't, by the way). In the past week, my voice has disappeared and come back again a number of times. Unfortunately for me, it's been more 'pack-a-day drag queen' than 'sultry blues singer' - sigh. Oh well, at least I'm on the mend now and can resume more normal activities (like the gym) soon.

During my blogging hiatus and my icky throatness, I had a great visit from KH who had come down from Canada for work. We had a great night out, enjoying a pre-dinner drink at The Bowery Hotel and then across the street to dinner at the gorgeous new restaurant, Saxon and Parole. The food, cocktails, service, decor - it was all fabulous. Our reservation was at 8.45pm, and we left as the restaurant was closing. We weren't rushed, we were well looked after, and it was just wonderful to soak up the atmosphere. A quick nightcap at The Campbell Apartment (and to admire its stunning decor) was in order and then it was time for bed.

Sunday morning I was up really early and struggling with almost no voice at all. But physically I felt absolutely fine, so I was out the door and off to meet KH for brunch. I dropped the ball a bit on this at first, cause I'm not good at finding brunch venues in New York yet. I am good at coffee though, so I took KH to Culture Espresso for a restorative jolt of caffeine - it was well received, particularly so when we enjoyed it in the sunshine by the fountain at Bryant Park. And it can't be faulted that Culture is so close to Lord and Taylor, so we whipped around the handbag and shoe departments in there too. Emerging empty-handed, we set off again in search of food.

We were talking about hairdressers and I was telling KH how much I love my new salon (even though my hairdresser has just recently been written up in the NY magazine Weddings section as one of New York's best bridal hairdressers so she will probably be booked out till Doomsday!). But the salon is right by the Flatiron Building, which is right next door to Eataly, the fantastic Italian food emporium and I was adamant that KH see it. So on the subway we went, headed in entirely the opposite direction from where we were and in no time at all we were in Italy (well, almost).

Taking a bit of a punt, we headed upstairs to Eataly's fantastic rooftop beer garden/restaurant, La Birreria. The place only opened in summer and has been pretty consistently booked-out every time I've come to Eataly. Still, we managed to snag a beautiful table in a shaded spot after only about a 20 minute wait. It was lovely just to sit still on the rooftop and enjoy a cool beer and a really light, tasty and healthy fish and couscous dish (plus cheese plate and wood-oven bread/olive oil yummmm).

Eataly was getting nuts by this point, so we set off on food up Fifth Avenue in the direction of Tiffany's (just because it's there). We called into The Museum of Sex and looked around the gift shop. I read a few days later that the Museum now has an exhibition of dirty Disney cartoon strips. What the?! I am not sure whether I need to see those. Or do I?!

The walk up Fifth Avenue is a beautiful one, if you can stomach all the crazy crowds. We wandered past the NY Public Library and like always, I reminded myself aloud that I must go in there someday.

Before we knew it, we were up at Tiffany's and what can I say about that store that I haven't said already? All manner of sparkle, shimmer and silvery shine. I was so happy just browsing though admittedly I did see a few things that probably need to come home with me someday.

By now the afternoon was getting on a bit and we both agreed a nana nap was probably in order. Mind you, the rest was brief because I was back at KH's hotel about an hour later to pick her up for our evening Broadway show. Sensibly though, we took a cab to Times Square - still all hustle-bustle, even in the early Sunday evening.

"Rock of Ages" was a fantastic production - it was silly, campy and chock-full of 1980s rock ballads. I had no voice whatsoever by this point but if I had, I would have helped belt out the tunes - Journey, Whitesnake, Europe - just classics. Plus the show was really funny, and the audience really got into it. My heart does hurt a little bit that the show is now being made into a film (with Tom Cruise in an entirely unsuitable role, as far as this little bunny is concerned). But hey, we all know I'll still see it.

After the show, and despite my squeaky protests that I'd never do it, we bought some falafel kebabs from a street vendor not far from Times Square. It was delicious at first, but then tasted of regret as I battled stabby stomach pains on the way home. I blame the hot sauce. Still, it is always a pity when such a fantastic weekend leaves a yucky taste in your mouth through no fault of your own!

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