Sunday, July 17, 2011

Desperate Times, Lunatic Measures

I fly back to Australia four weeks from today to be Maid of Honour at baby sister's wedding. I have decided to kick my own a$$ for the next month and implement an eating and exercising program that I hope will help me feel (and look) trim, taught and terrific.

I've got three more weeks of Pilates to go [Author's Note: it's Day 2 after my first class and I'm in a bit of pain but predominantly okay, as long as nobody makes me laugh or drops something that they expect me to bend down and pick up). In addition to this I'm ramping up my Global Corporate Challenge efforts and taking myself off on rambling walks after work (in my new dance pants, of course). Nothing crazy - just an hour of aimless power walking while rocking out to my fantastic (read daggy) iPod playlist. None of these ventures scare me in the least.

The diet part is another story. I am resolved to eat well over the next four weeks. I don't eat badly now, but I am committed to an eating plan that excludes all the usual nasties, but also:
  • bread
  • pasta
  • rice
  • corn
  • potatoes
  • pretzels (especially of the Snyder's cheddar cheese persuasion)
  • chocolate
  • caffeine
  • alcohol
I know, I know. The first couple are manageable, right? But cutting out the last two is probably going to kill me. I will be interested to see what happens to Snyders share prices over the next four weeks when I'm not buying 'em actually ha! So here I am on the cusp of voluntarily giving up my favourite things for my favourite person (who, it is fair to say, has not asked me to engage in this silliness - this is all my own doing).

Follow me on this crazy journey for the next four weeks, if you dare. I will be tired and I will be grouchy, but when that Maid of Honor frock zips up the whole way, I know it will all be worth it. Let's do this thing.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you are over there doing it while I am here all safe and sound.

If I remember the last time you went on something resembling this it was like reliving the Spanish Inquisition where the chief inquisitor felt that not enough souls had been dispatched to Hell and that more was required from all those within haranguing distance.

Only time we've pleaded with you to start drinking alcohol and caffeine again.

Poor K - she has to put up with y'all now.

Femikneesm said...

I am off all carbs too - it's a trial. Giving up alcohol is harder though in my view!

Helenbeee said...

okay Gabbi

Im going to offer you some tips that have helped me take a bit of weight off in recent times.
One is joining and participating in you log your food intake against your exercise it really helps to keep focus and feel supported in those first well for you anyway 4 weeks. The second is this dry champagne is only 80 calories a glass. Now I know its not a ticket to start drinking it like water but allowing yourself a glass or 2 on a friday after work. Will help reduce the risk of falling off the wagon in a big way. For savoury nothing goes past sweet potato chips with seasoned salt. As for sweeties grapes or strawberries.
Good Luck and we look forward to seeing the svelte Gabbi. :)

Helenbeee said...

PS: I too am getting back on track and will be rejoining and uping my exercise for the next 4 weeks. I figured the wedding was a good goal to head towards. Ive got a bit slack with the cold and have fallen into my old fatly ways so you are not alone. I have to finish the dark chocolate mint slice I made on the weekend first then its straight and narrow all the way!!!!

kilabyte said...

As for me .... more pizza, fish-shop-hamburgers and chips. Given my indigenous blood I'm wearing a moomoo and thongs ............. well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Helenbeee said...

I actually have a bright orange moomoo you can borrow Stan calls it the 'passionkiller' but nothing surpasses its comfort ;)

Gab In The City said...

Helen, I love this myfitnesspal website!

I plugged in my food, exercise & water details for today and it told me I need to eat more calories.

Okay, if the computer tells me so...

But seriously - what a great site to track my progress! Love it.

Helenbeee said...

yes its great isnt it?
helps to give you the whole picture and make the connections betweekn exercise and eating its helped me heaps.

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