Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Status: Warm and Vertical

After spilling coffee over myself yesterday and subsequently being irritated with life, I was a bit worried about heading out into the big, weird world today. I had made plans with LW to catch up for a Christmas lunch at Putney and while I really wanted to do it, I didn't want a repeat of yesterday or the horrible behind-the-eye headache that it gave me.

My morning turned out to be lovely, giving me the chance to Skype with my parents and otherwise have a lazy lie-in kind of day, which was nice. Before catching the bus I thought I'd do the right thing and take the rubbish out. Given that my sneakers have no treads whatsoever, I went skidding down the three icy back cement steps and ended up lying on my back, contemplating the sky. I stayed there for a few minutes, making sure I hadn't broken my a$$, and fortunately I realised I had emerged quite unscathed. I dropped a couple of f-bombs for good measure, and thanked all the angels and saints that nobody had actually been outside to see me fall.

Hobbling towards the bus stop, I realised that I was running quite early for lunch so when I arrived at the station, I had plenty of time to stop for a coffee. This time I didn't spill a drop on myself, which was probably handy given that I had already succeeded in splotching dirty snow all over my butt - in the same jeans I'd soiled with Starbucks only yesterday. Honestly, my life is THAT ridiculous.

So with dirty jeans, and some time to spare, I sat away from the crowds and warmed myself with some yummy coffee, then caught the train to the lovely Putney neighbourhood.

LW and I then wandered down to Rump, a really lovely steakhouse that advertised a Christmas menu but didn't actually offer it when we were there. That wasn't really a big deal as it turned out, because we were quite content with a cocktail each, a traditional Sunday roast to share, and then a bottle of red wine between us. Oh and I had the creme brulee, which ended up having some sort of Christmas pudding base to it - a bit of a surprise, but not an altogether unpleasant one.

I've returned home tonight with plans to make a roast chicken dinner for my room mates - but none of them are home. I'm not sure if they're likely to wander in any time soon, so I might have to rain check till tomorrow night. We'll just have to see...


kilabyte said...

While it has a somewhat slapstick note about it I'm sure the bruise will be something to remind you about how treacherous winter can really be. It goes without saying "be careful" but I also suspect that the stars are lining up for a third mishap - they always come in three's you know.

I think an old Roman gypsy tradition to ward off the "evil eye" is to spit three times (not in the loogy tradition and not in a coppers face) and then bless yourself 3 times. Might work for you - never seemed to work for me which explains why I look the way I do.

Of course Granny's explanation would be very simple .... "they" are being sniffy and tricky.

Gab In The City said...

Ugh yes the bruise has already shown up and I bet by the time it's done, it's going to be a beauty!

I hope that you haven't just jinxed me, Mikey but I'm inclined to agree with Granny that "they" are after me. Next stop is crank calls, knocking fences down and pumping gases into my air vents. Can't wait!