Sunday, December 05, 2010

A sneak-peek at a weak week

It's the end of my first week in my sublet accommodation.

I don't have a bad thing to say about the apartment, except that I thought I'd broken the washing machine tonight. The cycle finished and the machine beeped at me, but the door wouldn't open and nothing was happening. I twisted knobs, pressed buttons, flicked switches on and off, and then settled for kicking the thing and swearing at it a bunch of times. The machine is now happily chugging away, swirling my unmentionables around and around. I've got no idea if it will ever release them, but for now things seem to be going smoothly so I'm not going into the kitchen lest I jinx everything.

I've not been in a great mood this week, I'm afraid. Fortunately this has nothing to do with hormones, but rather more to do with the fact that I can't get rid of this sore throat (despite finishing my second course of antibiotics) AND I must be grinding my teeth when I sleep because my jaw is killing me. When I rub my temples I can even feel the pain there, so I must be under more stress than usual.

I don't write all of this to complain, mind. I am just irritated by the holding pattern I seem to be in right now. I know that my living situation isn't permanent; I'm planning our office Christmas party for 200+ people on Wednesday; I've got a bunch of office deadlines looming; and I haven't done a stitch of Christmas shopping.

I got my hair done yesterday and as you know, this bit of pampering is normally my cure-all. Unfortunately I got really annoyed with my hairdresser because he's one of these serial apologisers. We had a bit of a mix-up with my appointment time, and the voicemail message my hairdresser left for me to advise of the time change didn't get to me in time. So after I had to leave the salon for 90 minutes and go off to amuse myself, my haidresser kept apologising to me every 2 seconds. ARGH. If I said "It's okay, these things happen" once, I said it a thousand times. In the end I almost wanted to scream at him, but I don't suppose it's wise to annoy somebody when they're carrying scissors, so I kept my mouth shut. My haircut looks good, by the way.

I spent most of today in my room, which was glorious. After some early technical hiccups, my computer is once again working like it should and I scoured the BBC website for online programs that I hadn't had the chance to watch when they first screened. I have discovered a relatively new show called "Any Human Heart" and I watched both of the episodes available online - the third (and latest) episode screens on BBC tonight at 9pm. Let's pause for a minute and high 5 the BBC for its wonderful programming; I just love it.

I'm well aware of how this latest post is sounding - I'm all over the place and to be honest I'm finding it all really frustrating. I just can't wait until all my ducks are in a row and I'm a bit more settled. When the Christmas party is over (and it WILL be a success, I promise you), I'll be so much happier. I am anxious about it because we've invited people I don't know, and we're having it in a fancy venue that I've not used before. I want to make the evening really special for my bosses, who have been so welcoming to me and also because for two of my bosses, this will be their last London Christmas (they return to Australia in January). The weather forecast for Wednesday suggests things will be cold, but snow is not expected - so hopefully that suggests a good guest turnout. Fingers crossed, please.

For now I'm trying not to think about the scary sounds coming from the washing machine in the kitchen (though even scary sounds are better than silence). I will have a good night's sleep tonight and start afresh tomorrow.

Wish me luck for the Christmas party Wednesday - party pies, Aussie beer, and Christmas carols. How could we go wrong?


Rockin" said...

Hi, I am glad it is you organising the party. I thought the stress of organising the BBQ for approx 70 people the week before last was bad enough.

Kate said...

How could the party possibly not go well with you at the helm! I am sure it will be a huge success and wishing you lots of luck. Try not to drink too much :)

Gab In The City said...

Ha K, you know me far too well. I also have to try and remember to eat something today and not rely on canapes tonight. So much to remember :)