Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Knowing Your Beeswax

I don't think I've used this site for a great deal of critical review in the past - but friends, the time has come. I have just finished watching "Any Human Heart" streamed down the internet superhighway of brilliance from the 4od website, and onto my very own computer screen. Technological marvel, that.

I am not sure if this four-episode miniseries is likely to screen in Australia but if it does, watch it with Kleenex at the ready. And you may wish to print the list of back catalogue films for Matthew Macfadyen from the IMDB website because once you've watched him in this series, you will want to see a lot more of him. Not in THAT sense, ya perverts - sheesh! He was just wonderful. Oh and on the subject of Matthew, you can skip his performance as Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice" - not that he's bad or anything, it's just that the wretched stick insect trying to play Elizabeth Bennett ruins everything. Matthew redeems himself delightfully as the Sheriff of Nottingham in our Russell's "Robin Hood" though, rotten teeth and greasy hair to boot.

I am obviously not good at critically reviewing anything, as I've told you nothing about the plot of "Any Human Heart" - nor am I going to. Just Google it and work out how to get your eyeballs on it. You will not be disappointed. And if you are, then you are an emotional rock and I demand to know how you got through it without bawling. There's a dog in it for heaven's sakes. What's not to like??

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