Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It speaks!

It has been a long time between posts, I know. Over the past few weeks when stuff has happened, I've caught myself thinking inane things like Oh, I really must blog about that. Yeah you know the drill - obviously nothing ever came of it. Totally my bad.

After the football game a few weeks back, S&C disappeared for the next stage of their European adventure and my life chugged on as normal for a few days. I had changed house again by this stage, so I was enjoying being back with Gus the Wonderdog and taking our morning constitutionals around his local gardens. I still gag when I have to pick up his deposits - each one more warm and squishy than the last - but in the world of dog ownership (even temporarily), you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

On the Tuesday I took a half-day at work and that evening I flew to Adelaide for A&A's wedding. As you do. I was feeling really poorly, owing to a nasty cold that had been brewing for about a week. It hit me full-force a day or so before I flew, making the flight a rather nasty experience for everyone. I slept a fair amount, which was good, but I suspect I probably snored my head off - which was probably not so good for my fellow passengers. Plus I flew with our nation's flagship airline and I am not entirely sure I'll do that again. It was right at the time when the airline's fleet was having those nasty engine disasters and lengthy delays etc and so I was all gung-ho about showing my support for them. Still, I didn't find the flight attendants all that attentive, and in comparison with some of the other airlines I've flown over the years, they were pretty average. Then again, I'm not sure I'd do great work at 37,000 feet with a bunch of snoring, snotty-nosed Australians on board either. Perhaps I'll just cut them some slack and move on.

The wedding was beautiful. Jammin' Jems bought me a belted summer dress for my birthday but hadn't mailed it over to me, so she just gave it to me somewhat (ie very) belatedly when I got home. The dress fit like a glove and with a little bolero cardigan that I had bought at the shopping centre the day before, I felt very comfortably dressed for the sunny weather that appropriately blessed the happy couple for their big day.

The rest of the week passed by way too quickly, as all good holidays seem to do. I was still feeling pretty average throughout the week which was a real shame. I had been to see my Aussie doctor and she had given me some pretty good antibiotics, but they nixed my plans for cocktails with friends - lousy timing. The pills were effective but I still needed a second prescription to feel like I was really kicking the lurgie. Even as I type this my throat is still a bit sore, which is just really annoying.

A couple of meals with friends and family, followed by some shopping with Jammin' Jems in the lead up to her own wedding next year, and before I knew it the week was over. On Friday afternoon I said goodbye to my family and it was off to Adelaide Airport for the journey back to London. Our nation's flagship airline was not quite ready to let me leave incident-free however, and what followed was a horrible 29+ hour journey "home", with delay after delay preventing me from just crawling into bed and sleeping for a month. When I finally did get back to the northern hemisphere, I collapsed into the hotel room and didn't move very far at all until the early hours of the following morning.

Back at work on Monday, I discovered that my intray wasn't as full as I thought it would be (wahoo!), but there is still enough for me to work on that will keep me busy until Christmas (not so wahoo!). I've also moved into some new - temporary - digs, subletting a room from an Australian girl until 3 January. It has been great to unpack my luggage and hang clothes up again - such simple pleasures these days. Not sure what the future holds in terms of my accommodation, but perhaps the search just continues.

For now at least, I'm looking forward to some good sleeps ahead, and a chance to enjoy this burst of snowy London weather. Stay tuned for more (frequent?) updates...


coco cooks said...

Oh, I see. Hugs!

Batreg said...

Yeah - the temp room worked out ... glad you didn't have to get tracker dogs and hunt a scammer down xx

kilabyte said...

Glad you're getting the throat under control.