Saturday, October 02, 2010

The AFL Grand Finale

I am house sitting at the moment and, joy of joys, the house comes with a cable TV package that includes ESPN. This is not normally a cause for celebration as far as I'm concerned; however, this morning I was super happy about it. This morning was Part 2 of the AFL Grand Final and kickoff was at 5am. ESPN was screening the game live, which meant that I still had to get up early, on a Saturday, but the rain could fall outside as much as it wanted - and I could sit smugly on the couch - in my pyjamas. Perfect.

LW came over to watch the game too, wearing her brand new Collingwood football shirt courtesy of her family. It must have been a very good omen because the Pies stormed home victorious - in fact, the game wasn't all that exciting - certainly not as nail-biting as last week's.

When the game ended and I had made us a greasy cooked breakfast, LW headed home and I stared at the walls trying to work out how to spend my day. The rain started and basically made my decision for me - definitely a DVD day. It's funny how cable TV has about 200 channels and yet you can still find absolutely nothing to watch. It hardly seems fair really.

Tonight I'm heading out to see my cousin & his gf who are back from their UK Contiki tour. I'm seeing them for a beer at their hotel, and then I suspect they will have an early night because they are flying out to Munich bright and early tomorrow morning. I hope they realise that I am coming out in the rain to meet them - that's friendship right there!

Before all that, I'm going to relax with "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" and try and ignore the fact that on the other 199 channels, there is literally nothing worth watching.

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Batreg said...

Ahhh the joys of pay TV, nothing to watch and RSI of the thumb in no time ;)