Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Whatever

Today is my birthday and quite frankly, I’m totally ambivalent about it. At first I thought this disinterest might stem from the fact that I’m not at home to celebrate with my family and friends. Then I realised that I’m no stranger to birthdays in absentia, so being alone is not at the heart of it. More likely I’m just irritated about the very idea of getting older and in this respect, I know I’m definitely not alone.

When I opened this blog post, I fully intended writing something potentially meaningful about my hopes and dreams for this, my 33rd year on this earth. I seriously thought about sharing with you my reflections on getting older and (hopefully) wiser. Then I realised all of that was complete tosh and I totally couldn’t be bothered. You can thank me later.

Let’s instead spend our time much more fruitfully by wishing a happy birthday to the late Patrick Swayze, who would have turned 58 today. Happy Birthday, Johnny Castle. You never put Baby in a corner and for that (and for your topless scenes and especially the lift at the end of the movie), I know you’re still dancing dirty at the Sheldrake in the sky.


coco cooks said...

:-) Hope you had a great day and spolied yourself, or someone else did!

kilabyte said...

You reckon you've got problems Toots .... spare a thought for all us well in front of you in the age and indifference-stakes.

Still, there is something nice about being remembered, receiving those kitsch-birthday cards, opening pressies and realising that you need to come home more often because everyone thinks you're still waif-size and those knickers are definitely NOT going to fit (sigh, giggle).

Then there's that glass of wine with Penne Arrabiata and thinking how nice it would be to be back home - and having a dry tray.

kilabyte said...

........ by the way .......... Happy Birthday Gabster. Sto lat, sto lat - and all that jazz - before the Spog gets in.

Batreg said...

I don't think knickers should ever be mentioned in a birthday greeting (and yet here I am mentioning them again), but I'm well behind in the age stakes too Mikey, maybe there's been a change in acceptable decorum in the last 20 odd years(I won't say in whose!!)

Rockin said...

Hi Gabi, hope you had a great birthday. My mobile phone reminder went off at home last night to remind me.

Gab In The City said...

Ha Mikey I had mediterranean vegetable pasta and WAY too many glasses of white wine for my birthday dinner - spooky!!