Monday, July 19, 2010

Feeling the strain

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I am going through a fat phase.

Actually to be fair it's one of those in-between phases, where you've been fat and then you're losing weight. You're not back to your goal weight yet, so you linger in this awkward in-between phase where nothing in your closet fits like it's supposed to, and yet you don't want to go out and buy a whole new 'fat' wardrobe to see you through.

Everything I try on in my usual size is too tight, and because no UK clothing stores seem to be air-conditioned, everything I try in a size larger than normal seems to cling to me too. It's all so demoralising and frustrating.

Even the cute leather ballet flats I bought last weekend are too tight for me, but I swear they fit when I bought them. It seems my fat feet are too big for a size 4, and too small for a size 5. Do they make a 4.5 - nope (well at least not in the stores I've been frequenting).

The more I walk the streets (so to speak!) and the more often I go up and down the staircases at work, I know I'm doing the right thing. I'm eating well, drinking lots of water (more water than wine anyway), and so that has to be helping too. It's just so demoralising not to be able to slip into the cute summer outfits I see other girls wearing - though admittedly some girls have shoe-horned themselves into cute summer outfits, and kudos to them for their body confidence.

It probably comes as little surprise that when I start to get like this, my thoughts turn to the consolation of wine. A previous boss once suggested to me that the solution to all of life's problems could be found at the bottom of the bottle. Not the most rousing of motivational speeches perhaps, but it has stuck with me and is particularly timely because I've started looking for a London-based wine club to join.

I found a wine bar in my area called "Artisan & Vine" which I visited tonight and very much enjoyed (the Austrian rose on the recommended list was very tasty). Walking distance from home, it is a very convenient spot to enjoy a glass of wine from the extensive menu (plus they are also a wine retailer which is a bit of a bonus). But I thought it would be fun to look for a wine store that offers classes too, and fortunately I found two work colleagues/kindred spirits who are likewise inclined, so at least I will have some company.

In the mean time, I just have to steer clear of the mu-mu aisle in the department store and know that just like a good wine, my body image will improve with equal parts time and patience.


glamah16 said...

Sigh! I feel you.

Batreg said...

It's not you - it's London. The Heathrow injection and all that. All that sugar in their food.
Also, it's hot, you're feet will swell from the weather and all the walking, poor little tootsies.
It's not you, it's London.

kilabyte said...

If it's London then I reckon getting around in your jammies and slippers is quite OK - from a fashion point of view. All you need is the right handbag, hairdo and dark glasses and you'll probably start a new fashion-trend.

Gab In The City said...

Ha Mikey the funny thing is, in that outfit I would look perfectly at home in Camden or even some parts of Covent Garden.

It has been so stuffy and hot here, all I want to do is don a mu-mu and eat ice cream. In fact, I think I might :)

PS. Thanks, Reg - I really hope you're right and it's all London.

Kate said...

You do realise too that English sizes are in fact one size smaller than Australian sizes? That fooled me for a long time too but you should not feel worried about needing to go up a size as it is not up a size at all!