Monday, June 21, 2010

Points A to B

London Routemaster Bus
Originally uploaded by DaveWilliams.

Call me crazy, but this morning I decided to catch the bus to work from Waterloo Station. One of my colleagues had told me where the bus stop was, and which buses to catch, so that left me rather little room to screw up really.

Against the backdrop of last week's pedestrian (mis)adventures, you would no doubt be as pleased as I was to learn that not only did I take the right bus, I got off at the right stop, and I was early for work! As they say in London, I was "well chuffed".

Bring on tomorrow's commute!


kilabyte said...

.... and no buggery Waterloo Bridge to find either - you know they do move it at night ..... one morning it's here and the next it's there (oh!! that's right, you know this already?).

Just out of curiosity what's the cost difference between the tube and the bus and which is the "better" ride - and you can define "better" under a number of different headings if it helps.

Gab In The City said...

I use the Oyster card - it's a rechargable card that you swipe over a scanner pad thingy each time you pass through the gates of the Tube. They have the same bleeper thingys on the buses too. You load up your Oyster card by the week or month or whatever - depending on what zones you plan to travel in, and then your usage is capped for the maximum daily rate (eg 7 pounds). So no matter how many times a day that you use your Oyster card within those travel zones, you'll only ever be charged the maximum daily rate.

I don't think I explained that very well actually.

In a nutshell, Oyster cards are much cheaper for people doing a lot of public transport travel. Individual dailly tickets can be quite costly...

Kate said...

Alix always told me that the bus is cheaper on your Oyster card than the tube although I could never understand why.