Monday, May 31, 2010

Travel Purgatory

All things being well, I will fly to the UK on Thursday morning to start my new job. Before that can happen though, two key things have to fall into place:

  1. I need to pack
    This isn't as easy as it sounds, to be fair. I have forgotten how to rationalise my wardrobe to 20kg of checked luggage and 7kg of carry-on. Headed for an English summer, I've tried to edit (and re-edit) my prospective working & weekend wardrobes, but so far I still can't make it work. The suitcase is bursting with clothes, leaving no room for underwear or other sundries. Some serious work needs to be done on this.

  2. I need my visa
    You'd be right to think that this should be my Concern Numero Uno, but I've relegated it to #2 because it's outside of my control right now. My visa paperwork is currently being processed, but I'm not sure how far off done it really is. The only thing I can do is to be optimistic that the bureaucrats in charge of these things will get their collective acts together and ship my certified passport back to me in the nick of time. By 5pm tonight, I'll know if I'm out of here on schedule, or if I need to reschedule my flight. Fingers and toes crossed.
In line with things always happening in threes, it's pretty typical that I'm getting a cold right now too. Brilliant timing. Ugh.

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kilabyte said...

I have a couple of friends in Canberra that can expedite the Visa if you like? They're easy to identify, suits don't fit too well, one has a broken nose and they go by the names of Rico and Fat Tony. They're in the cement business, repo's ........ and document management.