Monday, June 23, 2008

Was there life before Pixar?

Pixar Wall-E Poster (7)
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I recall a night out in North Adelaide when a certain pair of Aussie adults were deciding whether or not to go and see "Finding Nemo".

"Sure, we should go," one said "but we should find some random kid to take with us."

"You're right," agreed the second "do you know any?"

The first girl shook her head sadly. "You know what that means," she said, "we're easily going to be the oldest people in the cinema."

The second girl looked up, the light of inspiration in her eyes. "You know, it would kinda be bad parenting if people bought their kids to a 9.30pm screening on a Sunday...."

The heady smell of potential hung in the air. Or it could have been chicken tikka. At that point, after that many bottles of red wine, it was pretty hard to tell.

Buoyed by their own genius, the girls shoveled in handfuls of garlic naan and creamy butter chicken, downed the last of their quality Aussie reds, and made their way to the cinema across the street.

And realised, to their hysterical amusement, they were actually the YOUNGEST people in the cinema. The night was a riot.

[And almost funnier than bringing garlic yiros into the cinema, being the only 2 people in the cinema, and then trying to pretend they couldn't smell garlic when the usher came around. Priceless.]

The thing about a tipsy trip to the movies, late on that balmy Sunday evening in Adelaide is that Pixar never gets old. The humour is as much for the kids as it is for the adults, and my own love of the studio shows no sign of letting up.

And really, when they keep putting out adorable gems like "Wall-E", why should it? Definitely not one to miss.


glamah16 said...

I am slowly getting into Pixar thanks to the Man Child I live with.

Parisienne said...

Wow, the memories! Although you are most correct in that the Nemo episode was much more entertaining than the unfortunate garlic episode....

I actually caught the last half of Emperor's New Groove the other night on cable. That was a great one too if not a Pixar.

Llama face ;(

Gab In The City said...

Llamaaaaa faaaaaace aww, good times.

But you know that my Dad's favourite will always be "Monster's Inc" - MIKE WAZOWSKI, MIKE WAZOWSKI. Love it.