Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Well it's cheaper than crack, I guess

Throwing Tiles
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I can remember when I was at high school and Tetris was all the rage (ugh I'm showing my age here, I know).

Anyway the point is that I became so addicted to playing Tetris on the computer that whenever I'd close my eyes, I could see little rotating block shapes, all desperate to seamlessly fit together as they rapidly descended.

There was nothing I could do to get the blocks out of my head.

And so it is with my latest addiction - Scrabulous on Facebook. Fortunately I'm a multi-tasker, or I would never get anything else done!

As with Tetris, I'm not even particularly good at Scrabulous and yet I can't stop playing it.

And like all addictions, you feel so much better for finding someone who is just as drawn to playing it, as I did today. And so me and my 'Fabulous Scrabulous' chum have been playing game after game - reassuring one another that there really isn't anything wrong with our latest obsession.

Nothing wrong, but maybe something geeky?!


glamah16 said...

Geeks Rule!

Gab In The City said...

Hehe I hope so.

And I guess I should be proud of myself in a way. After all, Tetris is just about matching colors and shapes. With Scrabulous, I'm spelling real words.

Nope, it's still lame.

kilabyte said...

I always get stuck with an 'X' a 'Q' and two 'm's'.

Batreg said...

I love it - play with me