Monday, April 28, 2008

But I know where I've been...

It has been yet another long time between posts and I really don't have any excuse, save for a healthy dose of disinterest in being online these days. I am quite the creature of habit now. I log on, update my Scrabble games, check my email, and log off. Bo-oring.

And just when I get a crippling 'attack of the guilts' for not updating this blog site, I pour myself a Starbucks and try to stocktake the last few weeks of activities to at least give you some idea of how I'm filling my days. Alrighty, let's see here. [Note that this list will be in random order, because I have not been very good at remembering to bring my diary to work either so I'm relying on the old noodle - and that is never a good idea!.]

  • Saw "Sweeney Todd" at the theatre with my good friend Miss Fitz;
  • Visited the giant jumble sale that is IKEA - and loved it;
  • Enjoyed amateur theater with my friend in her one-woman show;
  • Brunched a bunch of times;
  • Slowly worked my way through my Netflix queue of movies;
  • Bellinis at Pops;
  • Won a couple more games of Scrabble against RG (but not quite enough to redeem myself);
  • Did tequila shots on a school night (and lived to regret it); and
  • Made a list of summer time adventures I need to partake in, and at the very top is a kayak trip down the smelly Chicago River (they don't tell you it's smelly, I just know it is).
Work has been busy because I have a new boss, but as we settle in to each other's way of working, things will get easier. And not before time too - as the warm weather in Chicago brings festivals, outdoor dining, and all-round good times to be had.

With any luck, I'll also have some time to update this blog before I forget how to do it!


Oswald said...

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Parisienne said...

You planning on blogging in German now? I am extremely impressed!

I agree with the sentiment very much of your post though. As you are well aware, I have not blogged in a veeeerrryyyy long time and have no current plans to re-start, although I know I should.

Keep up the good work though. Just mind those tequila shots...

glamah16 said...

I can translate for you in German, Not! Anyway, Hope your paddle doesnt hit upon a dead fish or body floating down the River. I have actually wanted to that kayacj thing. Dont think my hips would fit in the little space now.