Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pieces and places

Ceramic Bisque
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It seems that as the move-in date looms ever closer (September 1 is D-Day for me), I am getting more frazzled about what I do and don't have. The two most pressing must-haves that I have been missing is the dinner set and flatware (cutlery). I mean, it's one thing not to have a sofa or a TV, but if I don't have things to eat off, what am I going to do then?

And so I dragged K and M along to Macy's the other day, as the store was having a sale on some fun & funky dinnerware that I liked. It was a 2 for 1 special, and I was very keen to score the Cobalt Blue set. I figured it would be an interesting departure from ordinary white dinnerware which is classic and of course easily replaceable, but neverthless rather plain.

Here I was thinking that for $43, I would be getting an 8 person dinner set in the most fantastic of shades. And as the poor young guy is scanning my credit card and I was smugly admiring my purchases, I actually read the box it came in.

4 pieces, not 4 places.

So I was buying enough dinnerware for only 2 people. For $43. Are you kidding me?!

I almost walked away with two plates, two cups, two saucers, and two cereal bowls for the ridiculous price of $43. I must have been out of my mind.

So the lovely man at Macy's reversed my purchase and tried to disagree with me when I mumbled about what a numbskull I was, to not read the advertising carefully. I was so embarassed.

On the upside, from the safety of my computer, I went online that same night and found a 4-person setting (white of course), which includes all flatware, steak knives, AND drinking glasses - all for cheaper than $43.

And believe me, I read that online advertisement VERY carefully this time.


Anonymous said...

Housekeeping hint No. 1: Always keep a supply of paper plates on hand. Hint No.2: eat straight from the pizza box.

Anonymous said...

Housekeeping hint No. 3: Keep a leafy plant in the toilet in case you run out of toilet paper. Hint No. 4: Keep the Macca's drink containers and re-use them at home (saves on glasses).

dodgey said... ikea..?? good luck with the move.