Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Make way for THE domestic goddess

Day 241 ~ I Damn Near Melted My Tutu Tonight
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Biggsy opened the fridge at work today - not sure why, now that I think about it - and in our vegetable crisper were about 5 New Zealand lamb roasts. Naturally.

So I have brought one home and I fully intend to roast it, complete with little cloves of garlic dotted around and italian herbs sprinkled liberally on top. (Potentially) lovely jubbly, wouldn't you say?

Once cooked, and if edible, I shall take the cold lamb to work tomorrow where Biggsy will carve it for sandwiches for us. We both agreed that cold roast lamb and tomato sauce sandwiches are pretty hard to beat.

Hell, this better work.

Post script:

WOOHOO - The lamb roast worked a treat. I'd take a photo of it, but that would be a bit weird. Trust me when I tell you that I rested the meat for the required 15 minutes (thanks Food Network!) and the little cloves of garlic dotted around it have infused the meat with delicious goodness. Biggsy is going to love me - and boy, does it make up for the ANZAC biscuit debacle!


Batreg said...

Can't wait to hear the tales of the lomb roast that made it beautifully from the oven to the bus and then rolled (of its own accord) menacingly down the aisle of the bus .....

Gab In The City said...

Hehe were you on my bus this afternoon? The raw lamb was in its little plastic pouch inside a shopping bag that went crashing into stranger. The lamb rolled out and she handed it back to me, with that look on her face as if to say, 'why do you have raw lamb on public transportation?'. Fair call, really. Mortifying.

kilabyte said...

I presume you know how to cook a roast AND check when it's done???? AND when to wrap it in alfoil to stop it burning??? or do I have to get Granny to write to you?????

Parisienne said...

Miss Gabi and I are old hands at the roast after our spectacular Xmas dinner some years back. We even managed to make it gluten free I think (or else we just gave that poor guest some salad; some combination of wine and tequila that night makes the details a bit fuzzy...)