Sunday, June 10, 2007

Location, location!

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It's been a busy weekend for me and if nothing else, I've learned that a lot rides on location these days. Whether it's the worst house on the best street, or getting average service in a riverside cafe, as long as your view is OK, you can get over the worst of it.

I looked at 3 very different apartments yesterday. I know that one-bedroom places on the near northside of Chicago are going to be small and rents are going to be high. But this is where I want to live and I'm sensible enough about what I can afford.

And though I've seen 5 apartments in total, and that's not a lot by any means, it was enough to convince me that I've found THE ONE. The second place I looked at yesterday is the winner and I want it desperately. It's located on the best residential street in Lincoln Park, one block away from busy Clark Street - where you'll find amazing shops, restaurants, and cafes. It's on the very top floor of a courtyard building apartment, right at the very back corner, so it's secluded and quiet and really beautiful. If I was so inclined (and able-bodied enough) I could cartwheel in the bedroom, it's that spacious. Plenty of storage, hardwood floors, laundry in the basement, it's just ideal.

The street itself is wide, with large trees that make a beautiful canopy over the road, and the street is lined with large Victorian houses. Many of them are covered in scaffolding, which tells me that their owners are (hopefully lovingly) restoring them - I got a great vibe from the neighborhood, that's for sure.

Now I just need to convince the leasing company that I'm a waaaay better tenant than anyone else that applies. I think I may have to bust out work's gold letterhead for this one. So be it.

I will spend the rest of today writing form letters for my boss and my bank manager to sign, and maybe skip over to the IKEA website...all in the name of research, of course.


Batreg said...

No cartwheels thansk - you hurt yourself changing light bulbs for heaven's sake!! Acrobatics are out ....

kilabyte said...

Even running over carpets with a pattern is dangerous.