Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Get "The Gonna Guy" a Guinness

Guinness Shadow
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It has been well-established this week that I have pretty much no energy to do anything of substance, so it surprised me no end to find myself on a bus motoring down Broadway in the direction of the Landmark Cinemas last night.

Lex had designed the promotional tickets for the free screening of a yet-to-be-released Irish movie called "Once", which stars lead singer of The Frames, Glen Something-Something. I can't remember his last name, and I hadn't heard of his band before last night anyway, so let's just keep moving right along, shall we?

Anyway the movie is set in Dublin and is about a struggling but very talented busker who meets a Czech girl who inspires him to record his songs. She is talented in her own right of course, and accompanies him on piano and sings backing vocals on a few of his tracks. Theirs is a story of talent, friendship, and following dreams. All very touching stuff, but not played out in any soppy, overly-sentimental way at all.

The Director and the main stars were at the premiere last night and hung around afterwards to answer a few questions. When asked about the meaning of the film's title, the Director rather cleverly responded that it refers to the type of Irish fellows you'll see in any bar hiding behind their Guinness making plans. "Once I get enough money together, I'm gonna do this", or "once I leave my Mum's house, I'm gonna do that". Such was the hesitation and self-doubt that plagued the lead character in this movie, and hence the terribly appropriate movie title.

I used to work with a guy like that too, though I used to fondly refer to him a "The Gonna Guy". He was always "gonna do this" or "gonna do that", and he spent so much time talking about it, he never went out and jolly well did any of it. He was constantly procrastinating or putting major life decisions on hold until he had all his proverbial ducks lined up just so. Then one day he quit the job we worked at together, and just disappeared.

Funny, he never said he was gonna do that....

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