Sunday, April 29, 2007

C'mon Aussie, c'mon!

Now that's Cricket!
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I was instructed to arrive at the pub at 11am yesterday morning, which I had long thought was exceptionally early. Surely there was something weird about having beers while I could still taste my breakfast coffee...

And yet, holed up on a barstool at The Globe Pub, surrounded by hordes of Aussies and Sri Lankan fans, I felt right at home sinking the first beer before lunch time.

Biggsy provided us some pitch reports live from Barbados and it was so funny. Every time something contentious happened, or if there was the likelihood of a rain delay, Biggsy was on the phone to Mero, giving us all a quick update. Even though we were watching the telecast live ourselves. Priceless.

The Aussies at the pub gained particular fervour as we all realised that Australia was going to take home the Cricket World Cup. When we were finally declared winners, a spontaneous and severly out-of-tune version of our national anthem was begun. Cringe-worthy but, at the same time, really nice to hear. The Sri Lankan cheer squad at the pub was pretty vocal though, and gave us a good run for our money. But then of course, the Sri Lankans didn't have our good-natured louts, draped in Aussie flags like Superman capes, and every manner of green and gold clothing, bellowing Aussie battle cries like mad things. It was wonderful.

I didn't leave the pub till nearly 6pm but it didn't feel that late. Granted that all I had the energy for when I got home was some leftover takeout and an early night. And the sound of "Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi" ringing in my ears.

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Batreg said...

A relief for all involved that you left the pub at 6PM ...
not 6AM .. that would have been quite the celebration - warranted I'm sure but overzealous to say the least!