Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Down time - for a few days only

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Dear All

I tried to find a picture that would best represent what I'm about to do but this was as close as I could get. You see, no other picture adequately represented all of the following:

- going to Rochester, NY
- staying in a fabulous hotel
- seeing Katie again
- going to lovely dinners with wine experts
- sampling wine with said experts
- touring Rochester (perhaps this should go BEFORE wine?)
- did I mention seeing Katie again?
- not being at work until Monday

Okay maybe I just didn't try hard enough....THIS little girl pretty much says everything I need to say:

Adios for now. A post-Rochester post (!) - possibly with photos similar to this one - will follow. Behave while I'm gone, won't you?

Gab x

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Batreg said...

Have fun Dahlink and remember to pack the berocca's - sounds like you're gonna need 'em. x