Thursday, January 11, 2007

The taste of England in rainy Chicago

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I met my friend DK tonight for dinner at The Duke of Perth, a cute English pub in my neighbourhood. I knew it was there, but until tonight I'd never set foot in the place - I'd simply not had a chance to yet.

But when we were considering a place to dine, I'd mentioned to D that the pub served a favourite British beer of mine, "Old Peculiar", and she quite fancies the pub's fish & chips, so we were both sold.

While we hid ourselves in the non-smoking section out the back, we caught up on the vast array of stories and gossip that had been unearthed since our last catch-up. Ever since DK stopped working with me, we've had to make a concerted effort to catch up like this and swap personal life stories.

We talked about how strange it was to go back home over the Christmas break, and see friends and hear them talk about events you'll never go to and acquaintances you've never met. That is weird for sure. I still find it surprising that there are cultural differences between the US and Australia and yet I encounter them every single day without fail. And I'm still having to adapt, even after 15 months living here.

So we chatted in this vein for a while and before I knew it, we'd been at the Duke of Perth for four hours! Clearly I didn't notice, owing to the lovely company, comforting meat pie and veggies, and two bottles of my fave beer.

And when we finally emerged from the pub, we stepped out into drizzly rain - how very British indeed. And so we slushed through the alley out onto Broadway and listened to a religious zealot bleat on about Armageddon until my bus came and we parted ways. [Fortunately the zealot chose to take an alternate route home.]

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