Saturday, January 27, 2007

Put a 'cork' in it, Adelaide!

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Yesterday was Australia Day in Chicago and, with the exception of a young Aussie guy that was spotted running across the Michigan Avenue bridge streaming an Aussie flag behind him, the day passed without incident.

But last night was a great excuse to get the Adelaide expat crew together for dinner at, where else, but a French restaurant. I know, the location didn't make much sense to me either.

I proposed that we visit "Le Bouchon" in Bucktown cause it got a great write-up online and also because it offered a fantastic 3-course dinner for only $20. What's to compain about there, right?

So McDonalds Kerry, Mel, her new hubby Tongue Ring Dave, and yours truly met up at 7.30 last night for dinner at the restaurant that none of us had tried before.

"Bouchon" is French for 'cork', so I was half expecting wines to be the winner on the menu. And sure the winelist was very extensive and terriby French. But honestly, the food was the cracker.

For my $20 menu, I selected the french onion soup; the steak & fries; and the marquise chocolat, which was like a slab of the most decadent chocolate mousse you'll ever have in your life.

We sat at the "Le Bouchon" for close to 4 hours, swapping stories about Mel & Dave's wedding; and all our recent trips back to Adelaide. With the exception of his American accent, Dave is as Aussie as we are, having picked up a lot of our phrases and our love of Aussie wines and beers. So we have adopted him as an Honorary Adelaidean.

I can't wait to see them all again at the next dinner; and in the absence of any Aussie restaurants in Chicago ("The Outback Steakhouse" doesn't count), lord only knows WHAT cuisine we'll try!

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