Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gross, but fascinating all at once

Bulk Bin of Mini Rubber Chickens
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My aunt gave me a keychain just before I left Australia that has a rubber chicken on the end of it. Nothing out of the ordinary there really, except that when you squeeze THIS chicken, a jelly egg (complete with yolk and eggwhite bits) comes out in a little sack. It looks sorta like a spit bubble, but with a yellow center and white blobs floating in it.

It's gross but, at the same time, it's the most addictive thing I think I've ever owned.

I was showing the chicken to Dr G last night who, once she'd recovered from the shock of it all, seriously announced that my keychain chicken was suffering from a severe and repetitive "cloacal prolapse".

I was in awe of her diagnosis. We used to talk about cloacas at my old job back home (usually in the context of sexing wild cockatoos in the Wildlife Parks; or identifying a colleague's newborn glossy bantam chicks), but I hadn't heard anyone mention the word in ages. Trust a vet to bust it out; I loved it.

And I love that my friends know the real names for things. After all, I've been buzzing around town telling people that a jelly egg comes out of my keyring's ass. So uncouth but no less accurate really. Now that I have been steered in the right direction, and have had my first (and hopefully only) lesson in "The Anatomy of Poultry according to Dr G", I will correctly refer to my keychain's cloaca in future.

If it ever comes up in conversation, that is.

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