Monday, August 21, 2006

Lights, camera, action!

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So okay I'm a TV star now.

Chicago has this television program called Metromix that promotes new bars, restaurants, and clubs. But tonight the show came to my friend's restaurant called "Il Covo" in Bucktown. He is the Exec Chef and is an Aussie so it was easy for him to tell the Metromix crew to come and interview me. And that's how I found myself on TV, mouth full of succulent osso bucco, and eyeballs slightly fuzzy from too much chianti.

So I was interviewed by Summer, the host of Metromix (yes, that's her real name) and we shot the breeze about the restaurant and the food and how it was that I came to dine there. Very routine Q&A but it was high pressure, as far as I was concerned, because of the bright camera lights and the fact that no one touched up my makeup.

But this Friday night, the restaurant opens the upstairs groove lounge, so I've been instructed to "come on Friday and bring girls" haha. The owner of the restaurant is very keen to balance the testosterone in his place I think. But I shall oblige. I'm sure I can find some girls to take along with me that night - we were well looked after tonight, so no doubt we'll be equally well accommodated on Friday.


batreg said...

Have you started your portfolio with signed prints yet, may I suggest - Gab getting on the bus, Gab clasping coffee, Gab gliding down the street?

kilabyte said...

Good ones Reggie - and Gabster, da momma says that she can just make it in time if she boards a plane now ... do you think she might cramp your style?? She does know some very original drinking songs (from her school days I think??)