Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Gives new meaning to "paying a penny"

I have not yet travelled to Ireland, but it's certainly way up there on my "places to get to" list. I was therefore very amused this morning to read a rather offbeat article on Australia's ABC News website about the most expensive toilet block in the Emerald Isle.

A run down, out of order public restroom is set to start a bidding war if and when it goes on sale to the public. In fact, sources suggest it may sell for as much as 300,000 euro (A$502,000)! The reason for the toilet's amazing price tag is as old as the green hills it sits on - location, location. The site is a fabulous surfing beach on the Atlantic coast.

Apparently you could quite happily sit on the toilet, do your thing, and after flushing and washing your hands, you could be in the beach in less than a minute. And if you owned such a prime piece of real estate, surely your first job would be to upgrade the washroom facilities so that visitors to your beach were actively discouraged from peeing in the water. Am I right?


batreg said...

Either that or you'd make sure your facilities were the most dilapidated in the land so no-one would ever want to come near them and hey presto - private beach!

Jammin' Jemma said...

No, you're first job would be on the toilet itself....your second job would be to updgrade the facilities...

Sorry, poo humour! :p